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Triumph Boats - The Worlds Toughest Boats®

Why Triumph ?

Top 5 Reasons Triumph Owners purchased their Triumph Boat:

  • Best Value for the Money
  • Durability – the world’s toughest
  • The Amazing Roplene Material
  • Looks / Style
  • Being Well-Built

Go to www.triumphboats.com for more information.  Check out the Bubba Test !!!

From 17' to 22', Triumph has a boat that will be like no other boat you have ever owned. Strong, durable. They're practically indestructible. No more chips, cracks or dings. No more waxing. Triumph makes boating as hassle-free as it gets.

Plus, you will have a boat that gives a smooth and dry ride like no other. No matter which Triumph you pick, the ride will make you feel like you are on a much larger boat. Incredibly comfortable ride - thanks to the special Roplene material and construction.

Sluggo’s Story

Sluggo received his name after surviving a building fire on Saturday, June 14, 2003.  He was ready and waiting to be delivered to his new owner the next day.  But the fire damaged him to the point where he was “totaled” as part of our insurance claim.

Yes, the roof caving in on the boat damaged almost everything….all interior items like the console, bench seat, cushions and railing.  Also totaled were the Honda 50 hp outboard and the Galvanized Trailer.  The temperature inside the building went so high that the building’s interior steel structure was twisted and melted…the building was condemned days later.

So, there sat Sluggo.  What do we do with Sluggo?  Well, Wayne, the founder /owner of Hooked on the Bay, Inc, decided to tram the hull.  After all, Triumph claims these boats to be indestructible !  The hull measured out perfectly.  No issues.  Then, Wayne set out to restore Sluggo.  He got a new console, new bench seat, new cushions, new railing.  He got a re-power with a (then) 13-year Honda 50hp that Wayne owned.  And Sluggo got another trailer.

Here is Sluggo today…a true testament to how tough these Triumph Boats really are !  Hooked on the Bay uses Sluggo for prospective customer test rides and for fishing excursions by the employees.

We are family-owned and operated nd are pleased to offer our customers a relaxed, no pressure environment.

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